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Educational Tracks

PIE 2023 is open to individuals at complementary integrative health education organizations who function as educators or support curriculum. 

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Goals and Objectives:


The Teaching Track is designed for educators to refine their skills in applying evidence-based practice (EBP), develop teaching strategies and improve communication on the following foundational concepts:

  • Assessing the patient

  • Asking clinical questions using the PICO (population, intervention, control, and outcomes) format

  • Searching biomedical databases

  • Critically appraising clinical studies

  • Interpreting outcomes

  • Applying research evidence to clinical situations

  • Employing shared decision making to incorporate and honor patient values

Learning Platform

  • Lectures

  • Workshops

  • Small group sessions

  • One-on-One consultation


Critical appraisal and development of teaching strategies



competencies in teaching EBP to learners

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